Sunday, June 24, 2007


Gymming. When the word first came into my life, i just groaned and thought to myself oh hell NO. There is NO WAY i'm going to waste my life in a stupid room full of huge machines.

I took up a personal training thing for the first one month, burnt a nice BIG hole in my wallet, played along and put on 2 kgs at the end of it.

I was adamant to let the puppy fat stay. Who was i without the puppy fat? The chubby cheecks and the flab in general is who i am.

Then i noticed my fellow gymmers, i really LOOKED, and i saw this : Fit, in shape, good looking men and women busting their ass on the threadmill, EFX, and lifting weights bigger than them. Satya ka gyaan hit me like a metal thing falling on my head from the skies. (like the Roadrunner show)

I HAD to loose weight.. Cute and chubby is OUT, fit and active and dangerous curves are IN. And so it began, a painful journey of eating way lesser than what i normally eat. 1 hour of cardio and 8 sets of weight training later, I’m proud to say this, i have lost, 6 kgs.

And the best part is, i LOVE gymming now. My day is not complete if i dont sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and make strange foo foo noises.

I strongly recommend a 2 hour workout to junta who is the OLD me. It gives you a natural high. For the rest of the day, you'll be all giggly and drunk on fresh air. And your energy levels would be so high, it would surprise you.


JollyRoger said...

6 kgs?!! Wow! Just gymming or gym + diet? Can you share the diet pls?

blaZinG_DraGoOnuS said...

u said it ... my folks keep tellin me that i should stop gymming cos m already as flat as a match stick but i don't kno why i get addicted to the place and if i miss one day...the rest of the day i feel sooo laaazzzyyy yaarr.....