Sunday, March 09, 2008

Virgin - Tata tie-up..

Hear ye, hear ye

*blows trumpet*

Virgin will be entering India in collaboration with Tata Teleservices. Virgin will be using its brand name. And Tata will be providing the infrastructure.

Nope, im not Richard Branson's little muse. I'm not here to spread the word and make him profits or make him any richer than he already is. I'm here to salute the brains that went into conceptualizing the Virgin-Tata mobile advertisement, which i saw half an hour ago.

I searched through You Tube in and out for the ad, but i couldn't find it. And therefore, it gives me great honour to describe to you, in detail, about this brilliant ad. *big toothy grin*

We see a young pretty lass drawing back her shirt sleeves (a very masculine gesture) and she announces "Mom dad, I'm not interested in boys"

Our TV frames now fill up, with the dumb struck faces of the mum and dad. The father immediately turns to the mother and whispers angrily "THIS is your fault" The mother whispers something back, equally angry.

They turn to their young daughter with blank expressions, trying not to show the shock and horror of their daughter's revelation and they ask her to elaborate. She replies back cooly again, that she is not into men. PERIOD.

Our TV frames fill up with the parents expressions again. The father's look is ABSOLUTELY priceless. I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Right then, the girl's mobile phone rings. She picks it up and says into the phone "Not now Tansen (or was that Tang Singh?). I'm talking to my parents. Bye" She cuts the phone and throws on a disgruntled look on her face and shakes her head.

Her parents look on with interest and quickly ask. "Who was that beta?"
Girl's Response : Some boy in my MBA class, called Tansen. Wants to go on a trip to Goa. I said i'm not coming.
Dad's Response : So go beta, go. You must take part actively in extra-curricular activities
Mother (whispering frantically into the father's ears) : But Tansen? (disgrunted look)
Father (whispering back) : Whatever, its a BOY. So its all good!

The scene changes to the close up shot of the girl. She is in her bedroom. She picks up her phone and says "Tansen, trip to goa confirmed" And we see her grinning from ear to ear.

Moral of this brilliant ad : Ladies, the next time you want to stay out late with your hot guy friends, pull a Tansen on your parents.

And yes, i will put the ad up here, the minute You tube uploads it! Until then, keep your eyes peeled on your TV screens.

The Ad : Thank you Sangeeta!


Chriz said...

a conversation at my place

chriz: mummy! pappa! i am not intersted in girls
parents: why beta what happened!
(my phone rings.. i pick it up and say in a disgrunted voice.. no gaya3! i am not coming)
parents: who is that beitaaa?
chriz: one of my friends; gaya3.. she wants me to accompany her to goa
parents: no ! beitaaa! you should go with her..
next scene....
chriz and Renu running in a beach in goa! with a red faced gaya3 following close behind

Vijay Narayanan said...

Haven't watched the ad (not possible unless it is on Youtube), but I fail to see the point how the ad connects to the product / service.

I read somewhere that TATA Teleservices is going to blanket Indian cities with WiMAX - supposedly the first widespread implementation across the world.

CM-Chap said...

ha ha... good one. I got to wait for Youtube since I'm not in India rite now

Dushti said...

lol...please to post the link soon.

JollyRoger said...

Dont know which is more funny, your post or Chriz's comment.

Da Rodent said...

fck.. that ad was brilliant.. just checked it out.