Monday, September 25, 2006


Those annoying phenomenons which occur once in a blue moon in our lives.. Grr..!

I was a very dumb kid.. growing up i did tons of stupid things.. Heck.. i probably still am dumb..

So there was this guy.. (one of my poems here titled "A 1000 knives" is about him).. I was 13-14 or so.. and he was a college fresher.. He was my first brush with the "long haired rocker dude" variety.. and i flipped.. i flipped hard.. And my 13 year old brain convinced me into believing that he was the ONE.. Oh joy..! *ZzZz*

Chubby, wannabe guitarist, nice curly long hair.. He seemed perfect.. My knight wid a shining guitar..

And i asked him out.. yessire.. i sure did.. and of course he turned me down.. And after that i lost touch with him.. I was embarressed and hurt.. I didnt want to make a fool of myself any further.. so it seemed like the wisest thing to do..

Now fastforwarding to the future.. i cant say history repeated itself because this new guy is NOT a long haired rocker dude.. He's NOT a guitarist.. Heck we dont share a darn thing in common.. come to think of it.. Grr..!

But whenever we're together i get all blushy and giggly and its annoying..! Grr..!

Ive decided not to do anything.. Why..? 2 reasons..

Number 1.. I dont want to make a fool of myself..
Number 2.. He is waaayy out of my league.. Plus he has a zillion other potential gfs who're waiting in line..

Im just going to lay low.. wait for this annoying feeling to pass by.. I cant wait for life as i knew it to be to resume.. :/


Yasser Rahman said...

OUCH! But in all honesty, i think you should go with it... If someone turns you down, and if there a nice person, they will let you know why they turned you down, so you can make those wee changes in you..

Never fear rejection..not worth it :) And who will want to turn you down anyway ;)

The Insane Genius said...

dont u even read archies comics?

waste girl...


The Insane Genius said...

nah... it doesnt.
shit happens.
moving on doesnt for most part.
i know wht u mean..
imagine not washing a jacket for almost 10 months because it still smells of someone :-)
icky, but i've done it.
sudden realisation it now smels of Henko, cos your father is not liking said jacket being unwashed... :-(


The Insane Genius said...

yep...was how i found thy blog :)

Look for the name "42" ..


farustar said...

didja eva tell him?
better told than buried...
agree wid ya yasser...