Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wise men say only fools rush in.. But i cant help falling in love with u..

"Louwe".. Music, colours, head rush, glowing skin, sighing, day dreaming..

And then reality hits.. *screeching of tyres on the road* :p

I recently saw this new Kamal flick.. Vettayadu Vellayadu.. which actually reconfirmed and made me doubly sure that being single is wise.. very wise.. brr..

So the story is about these 2 demented twisted in the head boys.. they're medical students.. and they go around raping women, then they use surgical instruments to dissect,cut and do really grose yucky things in general with the body of the girl and wen she's dead they bury her..

After the first half of the movie got over i was peeing in my pants.. i was shit scared.. i clung on to all my friends.. kept holding their hands.. could'nt look at even one guy straight on his face..

I kept thinking in the lines of.. what if im being watched by the eyes of a rapist right now.. what if some guy is looking at me and saying to himself.. hey thats a fine piece of ass.. brr.. :/

The faces of those dead girls kept haunting me.. i recalled all the times i'd gone out alone.. stayed out late at night.. met onliners who i barely knew.. and i kicked myself internally.. what if something happened.. oh god.. oh dear god.. :(

In the 2nd half of the movie.. when Kamal killed the bad guys.. i was screaming in my seat.. "die bitch.. die"..

And after the movie got over i swore to myself.. NEVER again will i go to lonely deserted dark roads.. NEVER again go anywhere without telling at least a zillion people.. just in case i get raped or murdered or both.. sob.. :(


The Insane Genius said...

From this movie learnt not to watch 7:30 am special show of any movie on saturday morning ever again.

Among other things they will vaguely show "everything" for a few seconds, which will set off all those watching from the first few rows and then censor it again.

Which makes it worse, cos now a whole lot of people need a shower suddenly and we at the back are stuck with the stink.

And it gives you viral fever for the next week.

hello louely lady...would you like to go out in my tempo traveller :D

never mind...good morning and have a nice day :)


Vinod Chandran said...

Yeah right, as if the world is full of magots or in your terms rapists!
Though it was amusing to hear "Die bitch, die!" from a lady!
Anyways, hope the new idiosyncracies work for u!

Anonymous said...

fine piece of ass?
u delirious?