Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thermal And A Quarter..

Caught these guys live last night..

A 4 member band comprising a drummer, bassist,vocalist cum lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist..

They played a lot of their original compositions,2 dire straits covers, hendrix, rhcp, mr.big..

Their originals were absolutely amazing..

The vocalist had amazing stage presense.. witty,humourous,awesome voice of course and a nice pearly white toothy grin right out of a colgate advertisement..

The drummer was kickass.. the raw energy and the power.. i cud feel it..

The crowd was sad.. really sad.. didnt do justice to the band @ all.. Madras Gymkhana Club.. the prim and proper folks of uber society.. :/ they just sat stunned for each song they played.. very feeble clapping and cheering at the end of each one of their songs.. And at one point when d vocalist asked them to sing along.. no one responded.. :( *sob*

I wished at that moment i had the ability to multiply.. I wished there were a 100 me s on the ground..

After about 2 hours the vocalist announced they'd take a 15 minute break.. I took the oppurtunity to run upto him and request him for a Deep Purple song.. for which he replied.. "we dont play deep purple covers.. sorry" and he flashed that cute grin again.. Sigh.. I think im in love.. :p

And then corny hindi music was played for which the crowd grew wild.. and i sat impatiently waiting for the band to start up again.. but my waitin was in vain.. after about 20 mins they came on stage and started dismantling all the equipment.. :(


TAAQ said...

Gayatri, thanks!
Frankly, we never expected anybody to review the gig. So thanks again for the awfully kind words.

We did try and work up the crowd a bit and it was distracting when the dancing began - we were curious to see who could keep moving to the beat!

Just another TAAQ concert, it was. Glad to see you've signed up for the newsletter. Please pass the word along.

- Beej

The Insane Genius said... to ur blog while hopping a longgg time back...and then lost the link...found again from write well to say the least :)

and the band rocks...havent been to one of their concerts in a loong time, but they are among the best in the country....

have a nice week :)


Vinod Chandran said...

Although I have never been to a TAAQ concert,I know what u talking about it.
I have seen rock concerts, where people sit on chairs and do rounds of clapping.
With us cryng out "Take them to the moshpit!"

Alok said...

The frontman is awesome! He can coordinate 3 of his body movement to separate jobs: vocals, guitar hand and leg (for that wah-wah pedal).

I was amazed when he could vocally follow his own solos. Very unique and difficult thing to do.