Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I miss u..

Twas a whirl wind affair,
It ended as soon as it had begun,

Although it was brief.. i gave you my all,
You were like a thunder before the storm,

I came alive when you were around and i'd fade wen you were away,
You completed me somehow, we seemed right..

I wished i could stay in these moments forever.. giving in to this sweet surrender..

When you left my world came colliding around me,
I was incomplete once again, a part of me died..

All that remains now are a few pictures of you etched to my brain and tis blinding pain in my chest..

Im moving on.. I have moved on.. I have met people.. But none of them are you..

I will miss u.. I will never be the same again.. A part of me will remain with you.. always..

Essense of the above.. People who walk into your life for a very brief period of time always leave an impact.. An impact which will alter your course of life forever..

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