Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry..

First up, i cant believe my ears, I'm actually listening to songs like these! College and a certain Ms Todi has ruined my life. *coughs*

I really paid attention to the lyrics and to the video today. Milo Anthony Ventimiglia is the kind of guy, I'd personally flip for. Throw in some tatooes as well, and hes one smoking piece of grilled chicken, fresh off the barbecue oven.

My interpretation of this whole song and video is - - Theres this girl. She is in love with a very hot man. But there's a catch of course (all hot men come with a catch, name one who doesn't right NOW and I'll bake you a chocolate chip cookie AND ask for his number) He is involved with the wrong kind of people. So, she decides to move out and live her life, pursue her dreams etc.

It's the melancholic mood of the song, that really grabbed my attention. Why do all us womenfolk flip for the bad guys? Why don't we see, that they're just NOT right for us.

While we'd probably think hours about them and maybe write an entire blog entry on them, they're probably out there getting laid!

So yes, Big Girls Don't Cry! Instead we sit back and ponder for long long hours about pointless things.

PS : I need a nice cup of filter kaapi right now, NOT the fraud cafe coffee day lattes! Thank you very much.


Chriz said...

dont hang arnd in isphani for long time.. you will hate cofeee for sure

Sam said...

I blogrolled u abt three days back but today I can proudly say that Ive read all ur posts, incl. the archived ones. Gotta admit ur posts are simply superrrrrrbbb!!!
U have a fan woman!!!!!!!!

--xh-- said...

i am listening to teh song, and now came across this post - kind of coincidence, i say. me likes the song...havnt seen the video though.

y.meena said...

class blogs dude!!