Friday, March 21, 2008

Chocolate Easter Eggs..

I luurrrrrveee the Easter season. I have to flaunt my ignorance a little now, to make a point. I have no idea, what the season/festival is all about. Mum keeps explaining it to to me every year and so does my maid at home, but it just bounces off my head.

The only thing that keeps me on my toes, on Easter day, is the Easter egg. Not the horrible sugar glazed white hardened thing, which you crack and out pops some yucky candies, not that kind. I'm talking about the chocolate easter egg. A blob of pure undiluted chocolate shaped as an egg. *drools* Heaven never looked or tasted better folks. Trust me blindly!

Last evening, i heard loud drunken singing next door, from a bachelor pad. "Its a long weekend, people are all at home" said daddykins. For me at this point in time, all days are weekends, i have lost track of time and space. Sitting at home during study holidays can be a bore. "What long weekend?" I asked. "It's Easter weekend child" said mum.

Me : Reaallly?! I want an Easter egg then! Remember ammumma (mallu word for grandmother) used to get me one every year
Mum : Yes, when you were 7 years old. *smiles*
Me : Biiig deal. I love easter eggs even more now. Pleaasseee muuummmaaaa. Get it for me noooooo.
Mum : Alright, alright! =|

So this morning, as soon as i got up from bed, i tiptoed outside to survey the house and spot my easter egg. After 2 minutes of searching i gave up, looked at mum with a pout and then decided to hit the gym.

During my 1.5 hour workout, i kept dreaming about my chocolate easter egg and wondered when we'd be united again, together, like a real family. Me and my chocolate easter egg.

Workout done, i raced back home, to find mum standing coyly at the table. There was a small white box on the table.

Mum : Oh, I wonder what that is.
Me : (lunging for the box) Its MY easter egg!! Thankyou mumma!

Halfway through eating my heavenly blob i pecked mum on the cheek, chocolate easter egg style!

I luurrrrrveee the Easter season. =D


Chriz said...

happy easter... decorations at church going on. tmrw wud be fun

JollyRoger said...

Thou shalt not tempt thy neighbour!!! Now I must go to the pastry shop.

CM-Chap said...

Glad u got it finnaly. I too got it... A big one and few small ones.. Courtesy: My office

stocknuke said...

hey good. lots more friends of urs posting comments. my membership is still stagnant at 1 and its only been 6 months now. i posted some new junk abt guitaring. u might find tht crap useful.

Dang Baby said...

Still posting are we??? Very good... whats 'luurrrrrrveeee'???

--xh-- said...

hm.. till now havnt touched an ester egg - have to do it soon.. and one made of chocolate- that is worth drooling :)

y.meena said...

wish i cud have had one... !:(

Da Rodent said...

> I have no idea, what the
> season/festival is all about

Well, being born a christian, I have still not figured that bit out.. so chill.. :P