Friday, December 01, 2006

The kid next door..

Ever since i can remember.. ive had a strong disliking for children.. I have my reasons.. Sure.. they're cute, they're adorable and they're tiny dots of homosapiens.. What's not to like some ask..

Well.. they bite, they puke, they pee on your lap, they tug at your beautiful junk jewellery and they stuff your hair into their tiny mouths..

Ive had plenty of tiny dot cousins and i have been victimised by them.. *sob* The whole tiny dot homosapien army are against me.. They hate me.. =(

But offlate ive suddenly begun to dislike them a little less.. There's a cute kid who lives next door.. She's probably a year or two.. She keeps screaming out to me and she runs towards me like a rocket each time she catches a glimpse of me..

So last evening.. She was standing at her doorway and my mom was standing at ours.. Mom kept calling out to her.. "aditi.. come" but she graciously shook her head from left to right.. So i gave it a shot.. The minute i called out to her she put one step forward and did a baby talk.. So i walked upto her doorway and i bent down to her height.. she gave me a broad 3 teeth grin and shook my hand.. Then she gurgled something and yanked my hair.. One mighty yank.. :/ For a dot of a homosapien she sure had might.. :/ i was shocked..

There it was again.. KIDS HATE ME..!! :(

Then her mom came running and unclawed her tiny animal like claws from my brown tresses..

She was not done yet.. She kept pulling at my hand leading me inside her house.. So her mom HAD to converse with me.. (Point to note here:Kids create situations you dont want to be in)

Her mother gave me a piece of chocolate cake.. (yaay..:D) and suddenly the kid yanking my hair didnt seem to matter too much..

I thanked her for the cake and began to walk out of the house.. The minute i did that the tiny animal came bounding behind me and continued yanking at my hand.. I didnt budge.. So she fell down and continued her yanking.. :p

Hearing the thud of her tiny tush i turned around and sat down next to her and i said.. "aditi variya..?" She continued gurgling.. So i stood up, checked to see if my cake was intact, gave her a wave and quickly made my exit..

Moral of the story : When that kid grows up to be say 4-5 years old.. she is going to come bounding into my room.. So i'd better start hiding stuff asap.. :/ :p


The Insane Genius said... little sister and all :-)

JollyRoger said...

wonder how many people's hairdo u must have messed up when u wer a dot homosapien, : )

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this blog.....The way you write is amazing.....You had me laughing for quite a while.....thanx for that.....