Sunday, December 24, 2006

If Only..

I saw this flick an hour back on Star Movies and i HAD to blog rightaway. Its absolutely brilliant. I cried my heart out.. every MINISCULE detail of this movie is so perfect.

Its a MUST watch for all couples.. married couples, folks in live in
relationships. Ive decided the minute i get my hands on MY guy, i WILL make him buy this movie and ill force him to watch it at least once.

The story revolves around ONE DAY in the life of a young businessman
(Paul Nicholls) and his girlfriend (Jennifer Love Hewitt). They're deeply in love with each other,but the boy barely has any time to spend with his muscian girlfriend because of his busy schedule. He's a complete workaholic and his girl takes a very high second priority in his life.

She's exactly the opposite. She's carefree, brings joy wherever she goes, people love her, and she teaches little children the violen.

Her music and her guy are all that matters to her. She leaves her hometown just to be with him and she practises her music. She's a proffessional, a music student who has been playing the violen for 16 years and she's an amazing singer. So TODAY is the day she graduates from the prestigious music institution and gets her degree. So her guy comes to watch her perform but he's in a bad mood, so the day ends with them in a restaurant arguing with each
other and she walks out crying. She jumps into a cab and the guy stands on the pavement unsure what to do. The minute the cab pulls away he chases it screaming out her name. But the next minute another vehicle comes and rams hard into it and she dies.

The boy is heartbroken. He goes back home, looks at her diary, her violen box, and a song she had written for him. He grips the diary tightly on his chest and lies crumpled on bed heart broken and sobbing hysterically.

He wakes up the next morning and he hears her voice saying "Read one word from my diary and you're dead" He gets up with a start and is in complete shock to see her there. She tries to soothe him, telling him not to worry and that he's probably stressed out with work. So he decides not to tell her what happened the previous day and he tries his level best to make sure that YESTERDAY does not repeat itself TODAY. So he takes her out of London, to where he grew up
and he really opens out his heart to her. Appreciates her and treasures her like a woman should be treated by a man who loves her. And she thanks him for the PERFECT DAY.

Despite his best efforts though, he still notices that YESTERDAY is repeating itself again in a jumbled fashion. All the minute details repeats itself again.. like her hand burning, his friend hitting on a woman in a bar and the man in the cab.

But he decides to just go with the flow. He brings her flowers with a note that says.. "Someday is TODAY" meaning he wants her to sing her song. He always encouraged her to sing but she'd keep saying ill sing someday. Hence the note.

So at the end of the concert the entire orchestra starts playing her song and she's forced to go on stage and sing. The day ends with them in front of the cab and just before they get in he tells her that he loves her and that she taught him how to love. She smiles, kisses him and they get inside the cab together.

And like YESTERDAY the vehicle from the opposite side rams violently into the cab, but THIS time the boy takes the hit. He sheilds her and in the process she survives with a few cuts and bruises and HE dies.

The movie ends with her singing in front of an audience and climbing the hill, the place the boy grew up, the place where they spent a whole day in each others arms.

The MORAL I LEARNT from this movie is..
* Love your partner like there's no tommorow.
* Live in the PRESENT.
* RIGHT NOW is all that we have.
* Tell your partner how much u love him/her before its too late.
* Tell your partner how much he/she means to you and the differnce
he/she has brought to your life.
* Make them happy,they deserves it.. because THAT is the the very
LEAST we can do for them. :)


Anonymous said...

what is movie name ma?

--tush -)

JollyRoger said...

very interesting story, but I find your learnngs the greatest takeaway.

My fiancee and me will take them to heart.