Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Disney Pixar’s CARS

So its been a while since I did a movie review, not because im no longer a movie buff.. its still 1vcd per day minimum.. and 4 on the weekends.. I stopped reviewing movies because nothing touched my heart all that much. I saw DON, Dhoom 2 and a whole pile of movies.. But all the flicks I saw just shocked or awed me.. Nothing seemed to hit all my mushy sensitive nerves..

Today I cozied myself up on my couch and turned on CARS ( I fought for buying the VCD in the shop) and the little debate over whether or not to buy the VCD was worth it.. I’m so glad my stubborn streak didn’t allow me to put it back on the rack..

The story revolves around race cars. The hero of the story a young hot shot rookie race car named Lightning Mc Queen is living life on the fast lane. He’s arrogant, he’s snooty, he’s self centered and all he cares about is money, fame and women.

Mc Queen competes with the 2 other champion cars and they all make it to the finish line at almost the same time.

So to win the prestigious Piston Cup the 3 cars have to race against each other exactly 1 week later in Los Angeles as a tie breaker round.

But on his way to Los Angeles he hits a detour and gets stranded in a sleepy little forgotten town named Radiator Springs. He wrecks up the Radio Springs highroad in an ensuing chase with the town’s Sheriff..

So as his punishment a young beautiful lady lawyer.. a Porsche named Sally suggests to the head of the town Doc Hudson that the boy pay his price and clean up the mess he created..

Mc Queen protests at first, he tries running away and pulls various other stunts but to no avail. So finally he tars the whole road and in the process he makes a whole lot of new friends, he falls in love, helps re-build the sleepy town back to their “hay days” and he discovers that Doc Hudson was a pro racer during his time..

The movies ends with the boy choosing his life.. Fame v/s a nice life filled with love and meaning.

A MUST watch for children AND adults.. Tears would be shed in the second half of the movie so keep the tissues ready.

In a nutshell a GREAT feel good movie.. Leaves u rejuvenated and light at heart..


The Insane Genius said...

who fight with for movie?

Buglet said...

Does the movie have any piglets in it?