Sunday, December 17, 2006

80 days..

This is it.. THIS is the real deal
This is the very first time in my life ive been in the presence of love so deep, love so pure..
Contentment and sheer bliss run through my veins

You came into my life when i least anticipated it.. like a thundershower in the heat of summer..
And now there is no turning back

When you are not around the hours are empty, meaningless and full of pain
And when you are around i'm complete, i become whole again..

I've lost control of my life.. YOU have taken over my senses completely..
You bleed me.. You heal me..
And im happy to go through the pleasure and the pain because you are the source of both..

My tears prove my loyalty and commitment to you
And my laughter reinforces the fact that i've never been more happier in my life..

Im a lovefool, i'm YOUR lovefool..
And i promise to be by your side, come what may..

My lucky charm.. i'm intoxicated by your wisdom, your maturity..
Knowing that those two beady eyes are looking only at me gives me a high
Knowing that those creative musical fingers will only run on me transports me on to 7th heaven..

Come take me away.. Lets get lost in ourselves and forget the real world..

1 comment:

JollyRoger said...

congratulations!!!! but remember all honeymoons end. : ).

Best wishes for a wonderful life ahead with your loved one.