Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Road Rage..

This is one post ive been wanting to type down every single day after i come back home from college, after battling the insane chennai traffic..

Women have been riding bikes and cars since i was a little kid.. maybe even much MUCH before that.. Then why is it that men try and act smart whenever they see women on bikes..?

They overtake you from a very very close angle of your bike.. despite the fact that the road is comparitively empty on the left and the right sides..

They honk just when you're about to take a turn WITH YOUR INDICATOR ON.. (point to note : They KNOW u're going to take a turn but THEY HAVE TO OVERTAKE ANYWAY..!)

So today.. on my way back home after an exam.. 2 smart alecs pulled the above stunts..

Smart Alec number 1

He overtook me even though the road was comparatively empty and came and halted right in front of me at a signal.. Now i am a speed lover.. i drive at 70kmph minimum.. (i drive a Scooty Pep,so.. YES 70 kmph is FAST)

So i pressed the brakes hard with my fingers with all the energy i could muster but the front of my baby hit his crappy bike with a huge THUD.. He turned around and gave me a look, i just said..
"Oh.. did i hit u..? im soo sorry.. Maybe you should learn a little road etiquettes and stick to one side of the road instead of going all over the place and overtaking folks.."

Smart Alec number 2

Now this guy pulled the honking stunt, i put on my indicator for a left turn to overtake the car in front of me and our man comes right behind me and honks his ugly loud ear drums breaking disgusting honk.. So i turned off the ignition and stopped right in front of him.. Turned around and said "what is your problem..? dont you see my right indicator on..?" and without bothering to wait for his reply i whizzed by..

The man didnt stop there, he followd me and continued honking.. So i figured; hell.. play fire with fire.. i kept looking at his car through my rear view mirrors and rode right in front him.. i did not allow him to overtake me..

MESSAGE TO MALE RIDERS : Respect women on the roads.. Dont you have mothers and sisters at home..? Would you like it if you knew that you're women are being treated like dirt on the roads..? Please think twice before you pull some stupid stunt..

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JollyRoger said...

Hey, i know there are such jokers around but if you look at some instances from a male perspective you will know that some women are not as safe as people make them out to be on the roads. (Note: the "some")They drive clumsily and have no discipline at all.
I have seen them break every rule in the book.
I'm not sexist or a chauvinist, road discipline is in fact close to my heart and male or female if they are bad drivers i have contempt for them