Sunday, December 24, 2006

My King..

You've taught me how to love
My heart, its yours now

The days of 'me' have come to an end
The days of 'us' have begun a long blissful journey

The past is a bad dream..
The future; uncertain

Let me tell you about my hopes and my dreams
Let me hold you close and whisper in your ears that you rock my world

If i were to die tommorow; know that i'm at peace..
Because you have given me the greatest gift in the world.. YOU

I love you my angel..
I love you more than life itself

Here i am on my knees asking for your forgiveness for all the times ive hurt you in my blind rage
I know you will treat me like a goddess tommorow because i see the patience with which u handle all my mood swings

You know me inside out..
I feel naked in front of your eyes

You know the real me and im glad..
The rest of the world does'nt matter

In your eyes im a queen and that is more than what i asked for

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