Sunday, March 11, 2007

The evolution of mankind..

When God created Adam and Eve he hoped that they would be good to each other, make loads of babies and live in peace and harmony..

But what did they do..? They ate that DARN APPLE and the happy lazy life they led was history..

And Adam and Eve's kids didnt do much to help the darn apple situation either.. they did'nt undo their parents wrong, instead they continued screwing around, and in no time the world said hello to terrorism, thefts, murders and all those other horrible crimes an insane human being is capable of doing..

The past 3 days ive seen some pretty nasty things.. And i did'nt do anything.. i just stood by and let it unfold before my eyes..

Incident 1
I was at Landmark with a friend, we were walking towards the Exit gate and we saw a fight brewing up between an old watchman and a middle-aged rich looking man.. It was a tongue lashing war and no real harm was done, but after about a minute the youngish man grabbed a cup of coffee the old man was drinking, threw it to the ground and next he pushed him on the ground..

I was shocked.. The wind got knocked out of me.. Patience, tolerance and respect to our elders irrespective of their financial status and standing in the society was something we've all been taught, at school and at home..

Now WHATEVER the old man had done to this middleaged man he should've complained to a higher authority and left it at that.. he had absolutely NO RIGHT to raise his hand at a helpless old man..

Incident 2
I had just finished my workout at the gym and was walking towards my bike at the parking lot.. I noticed a little boy screaming PODA and running away from a middleaged man who was eating something from the
roadside eatery.. This man, yelled back at this little kid and threw stones at him..

The man was well dressed, he was in his office clothes and im sure he was atleast a DEGREE holder.. Havent we been taught NOT to raise our hands at those smaller and weaker than us..?

For both Incident 1 and Incident 2, the UNDERLYING THREAD is that human beings are UNCIVILISED, HEARTLESS, CRUEL and BARBARIC.. Being well qualified, educated and having a good job doesnt really go a long way in making a man a good human being..

If we dont wake up and undo our wrong doings soon enough.. something REALLY BAD is going to happen.. Something MUCH WORSE than the darn apple situation.. And i sure as hell DONT want to be around to see it..


i am happy said...

wow! very true.. even i wantd to write somethin like this in my blog!! the world is begenning to sink!

munchkin said...

a good one :)
adam and eve picturization is relly good one:)

Som said...

Evolution of Mankind!!...hey i thought Darwin had already covered that one!...;0)..nice to see that there are still people in teh family who have imbibed certain core values! m proud of u sistah! (btw did u like the arab bangle i sent with arjun?)

Alok said...

Yes, we are uncivlised, heartless, cruel and barbaric. Because we are, at our core, animals.

But you know what? It's all about channeling this animal drive in the right direction. For some people, the drive makes them invent something new, it makes them produce good music, it makes them construct buildings.

For other people, this animal instinct finds a manifestation in anger, frustration. All because these very instincts are unsatisfied, because the person isn't free, he/she cannot do what he/she wants to do.

These instincts are hurt, but are suppressed, and all that is required is a small trigger to pull them off.