Sunday, March 18, 2007

The man without fear..

Batman Begins truly leaves a mark on any Batman lover's brain.. It's refreshingly different from all the previous Batman flicks made namely Batman and Robin, Batman Returns and Batman forever.

Batman Begins has no overdose of mushy scenes, no overhype of the superhero himself and NO SCREAMING WOMEN.. Thank god..!

Batman Begins takes us to the man behind the mask and back to his roots.. Bruce Wayne, a small boy who has a fear of bats and whose parents get killed right in front of his eyes.. His goal in life henceforth : Avenge his parent's death and kill the gun-man.. But as fate would have it, someone beats the young man to it.

So he fleds his home town Gotham and associates himself with criminals to learn their ways.. He gets locked up in prison and a nasty brawl brews between the young boy and several other inmates.. He's thrown back into his cell and to his surprise he sees a well dressed man in the shadows who invites him to join an elite group.. "The league of Shadow".

The young Bruce Wayne accepts this invitation, learns many a lesson from his mentor (the well dressed man previously mentioned) and he thus becomes one of his best pupils.

But when his mentor orders him to execute a man, Bruce refuses to do so because of his principles and his passion for justice.. So he burns down the whole place and runs back to his home town Gotham and back to his ever faithful butler, who still has hope burning in his chest for his young Master Wayne.

With the help of his butler, Alfred and a former board member of Wayne enterprises, Lucius Fox, young Bruce Wayne slowly morphs into the man who BECOMES the fear himself.. BATMAN..

What follows next, is Gotham city under the clutches of the League of Shadow who are hell bent on the destruction of Gotham and the Scarecrow who plays a minor role now and then..

Every detail in this movie is an ABSOLUTE treat for the eyes and the imagination.. After watching the final scene of this movie, which involved a Joker Card, i'm restless and impatient.. I want to scream out to the movie makers.. Make the sequel.. FAST..!

The MESSAGE i learn't from Batman Begins : Even heroes have a right to bleed.. All of us fall down with a MIGHTY THUD, but we HAVE TO stand up again and face our demons.. True courage lies only in that.. The world has no place for cowards..


Sandee said...


its in my to-watch list...

Alok said...

I love the concept behind batman. There isn't any unnatural thing about him at all. He's 100% human, and all he has is his brain. Which he uses brilliantly.

Most importantly I love the way he disappears almost instantly when his job is done, when the victim who he saved tries to get friendly.