Friday, March 09, 2007

Why do the women in superhero movies scream so much..?

I am a die hard fan of Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Daredevil and all
those other superheroes, u name the boys, i love them all..

When the artists, painters and the movie-makers made these heroes come alive in front of our eyes they had a message to pass on :
There is a superhero in every one of us. So maybe we can't fly or climb walls or smell the rain before it falls on the ground or have supersonic hearing, BUT we're special, each and every single one of us.

That being said, i now move on to the essence of this post, namely, the lady loves of their lives. Why are they degraded and made to look like damsels in distress?

Why in the world do they SCREAM SO MUCH..?! By showing some shots of
her hanging from a ledge or being chased by the bad guy, it is very
clearly established that she is in trouble and therefore the next scene would go as clockwise; our superhero swoops in and rescues

Now logic tells us all.. IF a superhero is in love with a woman, she's obviously got to be someone who is real SPECIAL, someone who's
intelligent, street smart and independent.. and hence a woman like THAT would definetely not scream her guts out over and over AND over again every TWO minutes of a dishum-dishum scene.

On the other hand, instead of screaming and wasting ALL that ENERGY she would in all probability WANT a piece of the action herself.. she would want to get in there and beat the shit out of the bad guys and help our superhero in question in his conquest of saving the world.

Moral of the story : It's a male dominated world both in real life and in the movies/comics. And i dont like it. I dont like it one bit.. "Im disgusted" would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.


munchkin said...

why in what context are u tellin it is a male doinated world
it is our choice to make the selection
there are also some super heroines like vijay shanthi have u ever seen her movies :D
u feminist shuld be watchin that movie to see who screams and who cries :D
major fun to watch guys cry bcos of her :D
otherwise everybody have their negative side..everybody are weak hearted especially girls:O
cry for everythin,feel bad for everyother single thing....
jus get over it and u will see one day gals not screamin but flyin in the air jus like the guys:)
and one more thin
not necessary she need to be a super heroes lady love :)
have u forgotten opp attract:*

Zennmaster said...

well, you are ignoring how the women brains is hardwired, the super-heroes don only excite the boys of the gadgetry and the super-powers but also supposed to excite the female species, cos they always look for a guy who saves them on a rainy day with the umbrella, its hardwired that women be drawn towards men who they think can protect not only them but also the un-born babies she sees in his eyes... comprendo???