Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can a stranger affect yer life..?

Yes.. widout a doubt..

I strongly agree wid d sayin “it takes a few hrs to get to kno sum1.. anotha coupla hrs to start likin dat sum1.. coupla few hrs more to start thinking in d lines of why d heck didn’t I meet tis amazing human bein before..?”

Now therz nuffin wrong in bein a lil dreamy.. NOTE: a Little..!!

We always want wot we cant hv and I say gawd is a mean saddistic creature who sits up thr wid a poking device in hand..

Why show us things we cant hv..? why tempt us and den mock us wid “nanananana.. u cant hv dat..”

Wen I wuz a kid mom told me.. “don’t talk to strangers”

But d rebel in me didn’t allow me to do so.. I luv meetin ppl.. and I continue to do so..

Well now fastforwardin to d present..

I wuz @ college.. blushin and all giggly like a dumb skool kid.. narratin my tale of bumpin into a silent brooding stranger who I thot wuz prolly d one good thing dat happened to me in a loooong long time and so on and so forth..

My frnd bein d more mature,sensible one.. told me.. “chillax.. don’t trust strangers so blindly”
My immediate response wuz.. “bah..! u sound jus like my ma..”

And d rest is history.. of corse d whole thing fizzled out nice and proper.. and mez bak to square one.. who knows if silent broodin eva wants to talk to me again..

Well on d bright side.. I guess d memory wud always remain and it mite come flashin bak to me every now and den to give me a mental kick in d rear..

Lesson learnt.. “don’t get too excited and don’t go overboard wen u meet sum1 new..”


Arun Das said...

I take it the stranger you are referring to is scary guy. Your friend is right though. You trust strangers way too much.

Gayatri said...

no da.. d stranger is sum1 else.. and yea.. mez learnt a hard lesson.. yet again.. :/

Mythreyee said...

i think im half way thru dat lesson rite now. hopin i dun learn it actually! things seem 2 b movin 2 fast n i trust ppl blindly 2... (keepin my fingers crossed)

sowmya said...

who was this stranger yaar??