Thursday, March 16, 2006

CRASH - - Frm d screen writer/producer of MILLION DOLLAR BABY

A 20 sumthin black kid who makes a life outta hijackin and stealin cars… In d last scene he opens d bak door of a truck he steals and lets out illegal immigrants.. His boss tells him “u keep d car and ill sell these chinks… ill give u 500 a piece”.. but d boy follows his heart.. follows one of d few principles he imbibed and frees d immigrants..

An aging mother tells her older son who is a respectable cop in d LAPD to find her younger son.. d woman is unaware of d fact dat d younger kid is a loser.. she favours d loser son to d more mature,respectable son who actually cares bout her..

Eventually d older son doz find his kid bro.. dead.. and d mother blames him for his death and she tells him “ykno my baby came hme one day wen I wuz sleepin.. he got me groceries”.. Again d woman wuz mistaken.. D older kid stacked her fridge wid d groceries..

Matt Dillon.. a cop.. hez a racist.. he stops a black couple on their way hme.. asks d husband to show his license and registration… He den asks him to do things like touchin his nose wid his index finger etc.. Seein tis d wife gets pissed off and jumps out d car.. Matt Dillon is amused.. He den turns his attention to d pretty wife.. he feels her up.. puts his hands up her thighs to check if she wuz “clean”.. to check if she had ammunition.. and den he lets her go..

D very next day he finds d same woman stuck in a car.. D car wud blow up any minute.. its turned upside down and therz a leak.. He gets in and pulls her out.. D woman screams on seein him.. tells him to get his fuckin hands off her.. isn’t thr any1 else who can help me..? she wailed.. he calms her down and manages to pull her out seconds b4 d car blows up in smokes..

My personal favourite.. a plumber.. He comes hme one nite to find his daughter hiding under her bed.. He asks her why she wuz down thr..

She says “daddy I heard a bang of a gun”..
He says.. “oh shoot ykno wot honey.. I forgot to give u sumthin on yer 5th bday..”
she says.. “wot daddy..?”
he says.. “nevamind u wont believe me.. a fairy came to my room one nite..”
she said “yea rite..”
he says.. “see I told ya.. u wudnt believe me”
she says.. “no no temme”
he says “ oh okie if u insist.. so neways d fairy came and gave me an invisible chain to wear arnd my neck.. she said dat it wud protect me frm bullets and all things evil in dis world.. so do u wanna feel it now..?”

(thrusts out his hand to her)

she: but I don’t feel nethin..
he: dats rite.. u wont.. it’s a magic chain.. do u want it..??

(she nods)

he: well den come on up lemme tie it fer u..
(he pretends to untie a chain frm arnd his neck and ties it to her neck)
he:well thr ya go.. now u’re safe..

Exactly 24 hrs latrz.. an arab guy points a gun @ d plumber.. d grl on seein her father bein attacked.. leaps on him.. d man’s aim hits d lil grl..

D grl whispers into her father’s ears.. “u’re okie daddy.. ill protect u”..

D anguish on d plumber’s face on holdin d wounded body of his 5 yr old grips yer soul..

But wen he feels her bak,he finds no wound..

A spoilt rich bratty wife played by Sandra Bullock.. Shez d DA’s wife.. Shez pissed off wid life in general.. she whines bout it to her rich frnd.. A few mins latrz.. she twists her ankle.. All her rich frnds are way too busy.. D only person who stands by her is her maid..

All d above wud only b merely grazin d story line of dis amazing flick..

Generally wen ppl ask me “dude wot kinda movies do u watch..?” my response wud b “oh no serious ones plzz.. less brain work and loads o comedy is just abt rite”

But tis movie wuz nethin but less brain work and comedy.. It wuz life.. D hard realities of life.. Racism, stewpidity,youngsters going wild, sanile old men and women..

Watch it.. It triggers all d rite emotions.. It wud hit all dose nerves wich u left untouched and forgotten in d locked corners of yer soul...


maria said...

hey in your fav. scene(the plumber and his kid), i thought he was giving his child a magical cloak and not a chain! he also says that she should pass it on to her child when her child is 5 yrs old. well, i too liked the scene a lot ;)

Arun Das said...

The plumber (well actually he's a locksmith) and his daughter scene was one the best. The immigrant scene was good too.
The reality in the movie really hits you hard. These are the lives most people lead. It's filled with racism, hate, violence, selfishness, et al. But it's also full of love, selflesness and courage. That's life. Neither is it a fairy tale nor is it hell. That's where the movie succeeds. It's a human story.