Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In d words of my angel…

As i sat on my bed on a hot afternoon and rocked frm side to side wid silent tears flowin down d side of my face..

Random thots of misery poppin into my brain every now and den..

Ponderin abt all d times life had’nt danced to my tunes..

I remembered d words of my angel..

Don’t force things to happen.. wot is yours will come to u child..

Human relationships are a game.. make all d rite moves and u win.. make wrong moves and u get yer ass whooped nice and proper..

Always remember.. believe in yerself.. difficulties in life are merely tests of courage.. let difficulties kno dat u are difficult..

Don’t give up widout a fite..

And fer all d ppl who hznt appreciated u screw em all..

Always think abt those who care abt u.. who respect u.. who are dependent on u..

Hang in thr.. d wave of life hz to go up again sumday..


Mustang said...

getting all nostalgic about life?
it happens... just a passing phase... a sound sleep and you would be better.


abhishek said...

Life is like a tiffin carrier full of sambar sadam. The more you eat, the more you will burp,fart and shit. The less you eat, the more hungry you will become. Eventually you will come to the conclusion that eating the right amount of sambar sadam is the right way to solve this problem.

But then you will realise that the sambar sadam is so delicious that if you dont eat an ounce more,your heart will ache.So you go ahead and eat five more ounces.

Then you get all sorts of heart disorders and the doc will order you not to eat sambar sadam. And when you get a heart disorder you will have to agree that you shouldnt have eaten those five more ounce.

But then whats life without sambar sadam? Sambar sadam is life itself!
Then how should you solve this problem?!

Then one day a bright,divine,light dawns upon you.Then you hear these words from an echoing voice:"In the begining there was Adam,Eve and Sambar sadam. Adam and Eve became mere mortals because they ate from the tree of sambar sadams.
If they had resisted eating sambar sadam, they would have lived forever. But then Adam and Eve realised that Life itself is useless without a tiffin carrier of sambar sadam. And so they ate the sambar sadam, thus becoming mere mortals in the process"

But did you ever realize that the outcome wasnt important?
The process was more important than the outcome. I mean just the feeling of sambar sadam sliding down the taste buds of your pink tongue and then taking the long road to your stomach through the gullet is enough to make your heart ache for one more ounce. WOWIEEE... That sambar sadam worth a lifetime.

Hence Adam and Eve comtrolled their love for sambar sadam... or not.

But they enjoyed it. In the same way enjoy life. "Life is a bed of roses with thorns" someone said...

I think life is a bed of
bio-manufactured,roses with thorns as big as a dick of an elephant, called elephantorosydicks.

Theres nothing you can do about life but enjoy it. Enjoy the love and the hatred and the elephantorosydicks.

For the record, I dont like sambar sadam

I dont like elephantorosydicks either...

Have fun