Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My trip to A.I.R

About a week ago I received a letter from our very own All India Radio.. I wuz offered to broadcast a programme on d topic “humour in youth”... I tossed d paper aside after glancing thru d gloomy contents.. But my mom wuz one enthu patani about d whole thing.. “mole go fer it.. don’t miss tis opportunity” and so on.. she went ballistic.. so to satisy yet anotha one of my mother’s whims.. I sat down and typed bout my own life.. which is a neva ending comedy neways.. so d “youth” wud find my so called “script” humourous..

After 25 mins of head scratching and frantic typing.. I came up wid sumthin.. My experience as a fresher.. I passed it on to coupla frnds.. I got d following comments..

1.u call tis humour in youth..? tis is more like dark demented sarcasm in youth
2.u’re really good @ tis.. u shud write stuff like dis more often

But my mother of corse wuz ecstatic dat her child typed a coupla sentences in d language passed on by d british widout any grammatical errors..

So I called a Ms. Meenaxi.. ( a very sleepy soundin woman)

Me : M’am I received a letter frm AIR bout broadcastin a programme on “humour in youth”
Meens: Aaa ** yawn**
Me: M’am so wen do I come ova..? don’t u want to read my script,make corrections etc..
Meens: of corse… plzz drop by on Tuesday after 11 am..

And so on a hot Tuesday morning wid d birds chirping wid parched throats and d sun beatin down my bak.. ma and I drove upto d AIR station..

Our nations radio station looked like it wud collapse any minute.. D building and d employees looked like relics/ ancient antique pieces..

I waited in Meenaxi’s office fer about an hr..

Finally a rolly polly exhausted looking woman trodded in..

I got up frm d plastic chair I wuz sittin on and wished her.. She grabbed my “script” frm me and glanced thru d contents fer about 2 seconds or less..

After dat she asked me to come again d next day fer my recording..

So d next day mom and I made d treachourous zillion kms trip all d way upto d AIR station..

Once again I walked upto Meenaxi mam’s office and I found d woman in a trance.. Half sleepin.. half staring into space..

She saw me and her response wuz a yawn..

Her : u’re gayatri no..?
Me: yes ma’m
Her: ahh **yawn** can I plzz read d script..
( takes out a pen wid her chubby fingers and makes an attempt to read my script again.. she marked out d 1st word in d 1st paragraph..)
Her: okie.. pleez wait downstairs.. kiiindly wait downstairs
Me: hmm..

So mez waitin in d lobby.. after bout 15 mins chubbs walks out and I follow her to an airconditioned room..

2 nervous looking woman are being interviewed by a domineerin interviewer.. D room gets filled in no time wid men wid tiny twig like ponies frm d middle portion of ther heads.. carnatic singers I presumed..

Chubs suddenly comes runnin out and makes motions wid her hands..

So I walk upto her and we walk together to d recordin booth..

She mumbles “we’ll try to make it more funny ma”

I start reading my script.. and after I wuz done.. she montioned wid dose chubby hands once again..

She wuz beaming wen I walked in “dat wuz really good ma”.. and she gives me a half smile..

Whoah d woman hz emotions odder dan sleepin and looking bored I thot to myself on seein her tiny teeth..

And dats how my day ended.. Soon I will receive a cheque fer 200 bucks.. and I signed a contract wid d station.. So mez officially a part time employee of our nations sleepy shoddy radio station..


RAJEEV said...

Hello gayatri, I stumbled upon your blog while doing a search on AIR and broadcasting history in India. Well, after reading your post I could not but help respond; I do not know what you are doing, but let me assure you that you have a bright future as a columnist- keep blogging....

Gayatri said...

thx a bunch fer dat comment.. uve made my day.. :D