Sunday, March 26, 2006

IIPM’s AMAZE – 2006 in association wid blah blah blah presents… BOMBAY VIKINGS AND STRINGS

To be honest.. I aint a huge Bombay Vikings fan.. hvnt even heard their music..
And as fer strings.. ive heard a coupla tracks namely.. duur,dhaani and d spidey ost..

So why did I go..? well d reason is simple.. as a wise man quoted to me last week.. “listen to all sorta music.. dat makes u a true musician”

And so @ 6.30pm my good frnd Arun and I set out to d YMCA grounds..

7.00 pm We finally reach d place.. d 1st thing we saw d min we got off d bike wuz a woman in a very very gaudy looking silk saree.. I groaned mentally.. “oh boy.. tis wuz gonna b a loooong nite”

7.45 pm D show hznt started yet.. 107.1 fm’s RJ Niladri makes an announcement in his deep sexy voice.. “ladies and gentleman d show will commence in anotha 5 mins”

therz a collective booing frm d impatient audience.. I wuz standing @ d 250 bucks slot.. flood lites were placed too close.. and d heat wuz unbearable..

8.00pm sum guy on a cycle circles on stage and says sumthin in broken English.. as my frnd quoted.. “tis is d worst Mc ing I’ve eva heard”

8.10 pm sum fat guy wid streaks in his hair gets on stage and d crowd goes ballistic.. he starts to sing.. d earth beneath my feet wuz vibrating wid ppl jumping arnd.. my frnd and I were d only 2 ppl who stood like stones.. not amused one bit.. wen d guy ended 1 song.. sum1 in d bak screamed out my sentiment.. “abey..paisa wapas de”

8.20 pm.. fat guy still singing.. frnd & I slowly begin to realize our predicament.. and join in by clappin our hands reluctantly.. cuz if ya cant beat em join em and wen in rome b roman.. **sniff** :/

9.00 pm.. yaay..!!! fat guy goes off stage..

9.01pm.. we gobble fried wonton and gobi manchurian and drink sum mirida and 7up..

9.15pm.. faisal,bilal and their band assemble on stage.. “can we hv d lights on d audience plzz.. I wud like to see em betta..” said faisal..
faisal wuz very confident.. and he quickly captured d hearts of d crowd..

@ one point he introduced.. his band members..
so and so on d drums..
so and so on d bass guitar
so and so on d lead guitar..
each had a solo wich lasted fer abt a min…

bilal.. d lead guitarist.. played saarein jahan se accha.. and d crowd screamed in approval..

after dat faisal said “weneva we go fer a show.. tis is wot we do to find out how many grls and how many guys are present..”

“so now all u grls.. sing aley aley aley” .. so d women sing..
same drill fer d men..

“hmm.. therz a good number of guys & grls here.. good..”

9.50 pm.. we cudnt stand it nemore.. we had to go closer.. heck d only reason we’re here wuz fer these guys.. d physical barriers namely a flimsy excuse fer a fence didn’t stop us.. we jumped and ran to d 500 buck slot.. unfortunately during d process I got stuck and so my frnd pulled as hard as he cud.. wid d rest of me still dangling on d odder side.. (not a pretty site)
neways.. made it eventually.. :/ wid a potential shoulder dislocation.. but on d brite side we were finally more close to d stage..

10.10 pm.. faisal says.. “now lets see how many of u are good fielders here..” and he takes a plastic cover wid 10-15 tennis balls.. bilal takes up a bat.. and they begin to play.. d tennis balls are caught by d audience..

10.15pm.. d lamers @ d 1000 buck slot start to walk out..!! I wuz stunned..!! I wanted to scream out.. “wot d hell is wrong wid u ppl..?!! these guys are amazing..” I wished I had d ability to multiply.. I wished thr wuz a 100 mes on d ground..

10.45 pm.. “tis is d last song fer d evening.. so all of u go crzy.. all u guys who’re sitting plzz stand up fer tis one..” and he sings d zinda OST, ye dosti.. and sum odder song wich I aint familiar wid.. but thr wuz a line wich went.. “tu mera mein tera.. ye jaanta hai saara Hindustan” @ tis point he said.. I’ll sing ‘saara Hindustan’ and u guys sing ‘saara Pakistan”

d crowd once again cheered in approval.. we were totally enamored by tis guy.. if @ dat point he had said jump off a cliff we wud’ve agreed.. we were all in sum kind of trance..

10.50 pm.. they wind up.. and wid all d energy reserves left in me I screamed.. I screamed like thr wuz no tmrw.. I screamed till I wuz completely breathless..


Arun Das said...

Your blog really echoed everything I felt about the concert. Especially the 1000 Rs ticket area snobs. I mean whats the deal with sitting on a chair at a pop/rock concert? And the reall odd thing is that they werent middle aged people or anything, theyre all around our age.
Oh and Bombay Vikings wasn't all that bad, he was just bland. Like icecream without any flavouring or sugar, all you get is numbness and cold. He really didn't know how to play the crowd either. It was like he was singing to himself.

Oi you forgot to mention the final phase of the strings concert where they belted out a few bollywood oldie goldies. That part really got the crowd in again.
I wish the concert had lasted a bit longer. Screw our arcane "live music should end at 10.30" (10.45 in this case) laws.

kabir said...

I was repenting that i missed dat show coz i had some shitty exam the next day. Honestly, felt like i was a part of the crowd after reading ur blog... gud description of wot happend every moment... still miss em performing zinda's soundtrack.

sowmya said...

sorry... proabably late.... but finally read this blog of urs... grt description chubbs!!!

as i was readin i was cursin myself for not attendin the concert... i sooo wanted to!!! n the fun u had makes me repent even more!!! tales abt ur life too!!!
grt read!!