Thursday, March 16, 2006

The IIT Rock Show

January 29th 2006 wuz an ordinary day in d lives of most of mankind.. But dat day marked d turning point of my life.. It wuz d first day of my teenage life my parents allowed me stay out beyond my ridiculous curfew time of 9 pm..

Not only dat.. it wuz d day my parents realized dat im a mature,responsible adult who can make decisions of her own.. They realized dat my needs were simple.. I wuz deprived of so many things cuz of my curfew time.. But tis yr.. I put my foot down.. “I hv to go for d show..” my decision wuz final.. and my folks didn’t hv a choice but to give in..

I wuz so excited.. My brain pictured d bands on stage.. D crowd.. I kept msgin my frnd who wuz to take me fer d show.. His response wuz… “chill babe.. don’t get so hyper.. I don’t think it’ll b all dat gr8.. d bands playin are Led Zepplica.. obviously sum wannabe band and Parikrama.. sum Indian metal band.. I think they’re gonna suck..”

But I thot to myself.. heck.. who cares.. Ill b out beyond 9 pm and tis wuz gonna be my first eva rock show..

6.30 pm.. My frnd picked me up and we drove upto IIT..

6.50 pm.. A bus picks us up frm d IIT entrance and drops us to d Open Air Theatre..

7.00 pm.. Security checks and finally we walk in.. My eyes fell upon d dimly light stage… I saw 2 drum kits on stage.. My excitement levels doubled on seeing d beautiful instruments.. I scanned d crowds.. It wuz almost packed..

7.15 pm.. We settle ourselves down on to cemented steps.. And a band member runs across stage now and den jus to make d crowd scream..

7.30 pm.. A tall guy wid glasses comes on stage and bellows d name of d band who wuz to play..

7.35 pm.. D band Parikrama assemble on stage.. D vocalist.. a guy wid a nice clean shaven round bald shiny head announces.. “whoa.. A see of faces.. An ocean of hands.. I dunno wot to say.. Im so speechless.. Wot do I refer to u guys as.. IIT chennai or IIT Madras..?” The crowd screams “IIT Madras” He says.. “arrite.. now if d following names vibe wid u lift yer hands.. Deep purple,Coldplay,Gnr,Ac/dc..”

Each band’s name he called out.. d crowd went more and more ballistic..

And finally they began to play.. Me and my frnd were taken bak.. We were stunned.. We underestimated these guys.. D vocalist’s screams blew our mind away.. We were lost to his voice and d amazing music d band wuz playin.. They played sum cover songs.. And they played sum originals..

They had a violin solo.. And once again I wuz watchin wid amazement.. I wuz ignorant of d fact dat an instrument which generally produced whiny noises cud sound so good..

D lead guitarist.. A chubby cute looking teddy bear wid chinky eyes.. Had amazing chubby gifted fingers.. They were literally flying ova d guitar.. And to keep up d pace of his wriggly fingers his tummy bounced along as well..

Wen Nitin Malik and his band stopped playin.. we were geared up fer sum more amazing music..

D next band on stage wuz Led Zepplica.. D stage lights dimmed once again.. And wen it came on.. D band wuz assembled on stage.. D vocalist had his bak to d audience.. He had curly blonde hair wich wuz prolly combed neater dan my messy brown black sweaty hair wich wuz stuck on my scalp..

They started off really well.. And d crowd wuz screamin their guts out.. But @ sum point.. They suddenly started playin slow numbers.. Tis put us off.. D crowd started thinning as well..

D highlight of Led Zepplica wuz their drummer.. D guy had a drummin solo wich lasted fer about 10 mins.. He went ballistic.. He wuz like a drummin machine.. Once again fer I stood thr stunned.. watchin in amazement… wid envy.. After he wuz done thr wuz a burst of crackers in d skies and d stage lit up behind him..

12.00 pm.. D vocalist announced dat their next song wuz “stairway to heaven”.. we screamed in approval… They were prolly 3 mins into d song wen d electricity went kaput.. Exactly 15 seconds latrz d power wuz bak on.. They continued where they left off.. But once again d power went off.. So finally they gave up and went off stage and we clapped..

12.15 pm.. My frnd and I walked in silence.. Our feet hurt becuz we were jumpin all thru d show.. Our necks were stiff cuz of d intense head banging and our throats were parched cuz we were screamin our guts out.. It wuz cold.. We got into a bus wich took us upto d entrance of IIT..

12.20pm.. We get on his bike.. he drives me hme..

12.25pm.. I slowly creep in d house.. Open d door wid d duplicate key I hv.. I turn to d left and thr sit my folks wide awake and beamin.. “how wuz d show..?” they ask.. I reply.. “amazing..tell u all bout it tmrw”

D next morning I wake up and I swear I cud still hear Nitin Malik’s amazing shrill screams .. His voice stayed etched to my brain .. I fell completely in luv wid it..


Dante said...

one helluva show that was....and welcome to blogosphere

Aafi said...

7.30 pm.. A tall guy wid glasses comes on stage and bellows d name of d band who wuz to play.....thanks..i have been called worse then that :)