Saturday, March 18, 2006

Beautiful Stranger

Memories of our brief meeting linger in my mind..
The thot of it makes my skin tingle wid pleasure..
A smile comes on my face and I blush a lil..
I had gone looking fer a pair of jeans..
I had no idea I’d end up starin @ d guy of my dreams..

His eyes didn’t leave mine frm d minute he entered d shop..
He smiled,he grinned and he looked wid a look on his eyes dat made my knees buckle and my heart pound hard…

I suddenly felt shy.. a feelin I had’nt undergone in a looong looong time..
He had an effect on me.. an undescribable sweet feeling I cant explain..
When it wuz time to leave,I looked up @ him and he looked up @ me..

He smiled once again.. dat sexy smile.. wich made my kness buckle and my heart melt..
And once again my knees shook and my heart melted..
He started up his bike.. a roar of noise hit my ears..

And @ d same time I felt my heart break..
I realized dis wuz it..
He wuz so close yet so far..
Good bye handsome stranger.. take care..
I hope we meet again sumday..

(random shit once again..)

tis incident really did happen btw.. I wuz 14.. went to besant nagar.. fashion folks.. and I saw tis greek gawd.. :p he had a ruggish yet very innocent round face..

he lingered on in my mind d whole of d next day and so I decided to pen it down..

I still drive past fashion folks almost every odder day cuz Bessie is my hangout.. and @ times I still do scan d parkin lot of fashion folks to see whether therz a yamaha rx 135.. (brown tank..) parked thr


Sido said...

wokies.... me on d look-out for d yamaha guy :D welcome 2 blogosphere satri-clone

Dante said...

actually, there are plenty of yamaha rx-135's.... what we need is a NUMBER

Anonymous said...

brown tank .... black seat....HD Sticker... skull on the tail lamp... then I may just have stumbled upon my ex bike's portfolio... lookin forward to meet my ardent admirer.....;-))

Gayatri said...

whoa.. its 5 yrs bak all over again.. lolz.. NICE TRY whoeva u are.. =)

but den again.. d description of d bike is correct.. :/

okie me really curious now..

and "ardent admirer".. :P dats overdoin it a bit.. i wuz a dumb kid..

Arun Das said...

What took you so long? I rather expected it to be the first story in your blog. It's my favourite 'Bridget Jones Reincarnate' story.
Oh and BTW youre still a stupid kid ;