Friday, March 31, 2006

Miss Goody 2 Shoes OUT… Mean-Ass-I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-Bitch IN..

D problem wid me is d following…

1.mez a doormat.. I let ppl trample all over me.. and d irony is I don’t even realize it.. until d trampling process is over..

2.I trust ppl blindly.. fer a looong time I thot d whole world is filled wid nice guys and grls who are all out to make my life less monotonous and borin...

3.I get too emotionally attatched to ppl.. I let them control me..

4.I get vulnerable very easily.. I start sayin things wich shud prolly go wid me to d grave.. but oh no.. my big mouth jus cant shut d fuck up.. I blurt out every gawd dayum detail of my personal life..

5.Im insecure.. I always hv a feelin im not good enuf… not good enuf fer ppl to b arnd me.. not good enuf fer ppl to get to kno me..

6.I hv a phobia fer d dark.. I hv a feelin im watched by d world beyond.. Ive had a coupla nitemares involving lil grl ghosts, gothika type grl ghosts etc.. and therefore I hv sum jobless frnds who call me up @ nite and say ridiculous things.. a few pounds extra.. while d rest of d world is filled wid anorexically malnutritioned sticks wrapped arnd wid clothes.. Im a chubby fill my clothes nice and proper.. luv my grub person.. and hence my weight is anotha issue.. butt of most fat ppl jokes et al..

So my action plan fer d above 7 wud b d following:

1.start trampling d tramplers.. they wont kno wot hit them.. flash em wid one of my pearly angelish grins and wallah pull d mat frm under their feet.. therefore d messers become d messes..

2.I will stop trustin ppl.. I will look @ every1 wid X ray vision.. ill critically analyze their body language..

3.I will stop getting emotionally attached to ppl.. ppl are merely players in dis game of life.. make d rite moves and get away unhurt and triumphant..

4.I will stop blurtin out d dark secrets of my borin life.. a bubbly full of life.. cant keep my mouth shut.. ever smiling goof ball.. I try to spread joy in my own weird ways.. so take it or leave it..

6.thr r no such things as ghosts.. so mez gonna stop watchin horror flicks and reading horror novels.. chubby.. so wot..?!! ppl are jus jealous of my puppy fat… im happy in my body.. and I look good.. hrmph..


Janessa said...

Gosh i seem to have agreed on all of ur points mentioned xcept for the fear of the dark thingy...and hey yea good resolutions...and yea i've begun blogging too ;)

Anonymous said...

ah..allright..good luck then

Trinity Teal™ said...

Hmm .. bridget jones reincarnate?
howdy, i am a big fan of the helen fielding masterpiece too .. love dat book nea fails 2 cheer me up .. luks lik u r going by the format of the book as well .. u knw listin out points n stf ..
ps: came thro' orkut.

The optimist from utopia said...

Welcome to the doormat club.. Although it is quite easy to make resolutions that we wont be doormats anymore, it is just too tough to keep em. Hopefully, things will change for the better..

Mythreyee said...

kinda agreed wid a lotta yer points, analyzin myself... gr8 resolutions! n came here via orkut.. luvd yer attitude, gal.. keep rockin! :) n i hav a frend whoz afraid of da dark n i keep singin da maiden song 2 her, wenever v go 2 her terrace late in d evenings :D "fear of da dark.. fear of da dark.. i hav a constant feelin dat sum1's always near..." :D hope yer over it now! or il b tempted 2 sing it 2 u 2... :P

Mia said...

Me lil sistah's deciding to turn into a Mean-ass-dont-give-a-fuck-bitch...Welllll..actually i cudn't be happier for u sweets! If only u'd made the decision a lil sooner! Btw babe did u ever hear tht B.I.T.C.H. is short for Babe in total control of herself?!!..Hi5 Tough cookie! Go get 'em!!

vinay said...

why bother wat otherz think?????forget it....hahaha

Yasser Rahman said...

A little fat never hurt anyone..and if you ask me, most guys like girls with a little extra wight here and there..


Anonymous said...

little fat here and there????
right places dude..not everywhere.
this girl is nothing like that.hah

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

yo! :D