Saturday, March 18, 2006

A 1000 knives

A 1000 knives bleed my heart…
I feel my heart exploding wid luv..
He came like d wind..
He cast a spell on me..
All he did wuz talk..
I heard his voice fer d first time and I knew dat id found him—my guy..
As the days flew by..
I found myself falling harder and harder for him..
And now it looks like ive reached rock bottom..

I pictured him as d wild guy..
D guy wid d guitar and long hair..
D guy who talked,breathed and created music,
He wuz my dream come true..

A 1000 knives bleed my heart..
My dreams are shattered,
“my guy” aint mine afterall

When I look @ him I see sumthin rare
Wot makes him different..?
Wots thr inside him..? --- a shinin star to me..

His eyes.. im sure brighten people’s days..
They shine like stars on a dark gloomy nite..
His lips - - d most lovliest pink ive eva seen..
His hands - - firm yet gentle..
His laugh - - a cool tantalizing breeze on a dry desert..
His hair - - a water fall flowin eva so gently

A 1000 knives bleed my heart..
As I realize I can only admire d beautiful sunset..
I cannot toch him.. I cannot feel him..
There wud neva b a day wen I can declare to d world my luv fer him..

The luv inside me wud remain buried..
It’ll b secret..
He’ll neva kno.. cuz he doznt wanna hear it..

(random shit wich I penned down a coupla yrs bak)


Dante said...

i prefer this one to the other one...more in touch with reality

Anonymous said...

wow gal, i dinn knw ya write such good stuff...
fuk ur awesome!!!
totally struck by cupid...

btw its rukie khajuuuu..