Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A few days in the life of a college freshman…

For 14 years I lived in a cocoon called school where I was lead like a sheep by my teachers.. Then I joined the big bad world.. or college..

The very 1st day of college I was nervous.. very very nervous.. butterflies fluttered in my stomach.. I thought to myself.. ‘will my classmates accept me for who I am..? Would I be a member the “cool gang” or the “nerdy gang”…?

I walked into my Ist B.sc Electronic Media classroom and I saw a sea of faces.. my anxiety and worries doubled.. I observed that people were already in their respective groups..

And so for the next 3-4 months I had a hard time tryin to get to know my classmates…

We barely got to know each other when our seniors and our profs told us that the college freshers culturals were just around the corner.. so for the next 3 weeks there was a flurry of activity.. All of us flaunting our talents to woo our seniors,get their attention and finally participate in all the events..

Our rival department’s every move was being watched by us like hawks.. We tried our level best to outdo them.. Each event we won.. we’d smirk at them shamelessly.. Surely this is what they call healthy competition.. More like a war maybe.. Survival of the smartest and the fittest..

Now fastforwarding to the present..

I’m in a group called “high decibel”… as the name suggests we’re a bunch of loud maniacs..

We believe in playing hard and working harder.. Luckily for us,most of our assignments,projects,seminars and reports are group work.. So 6 people pair up to form a group.. Our brainstorming sessions happen at a coffee pub right next to college.. The coffee and d knick knacks we eat fuel our thinking.. Great ideas are hence nurtured in the confines of a food joint..

Today was the very last day of our Ist year of college.. and we made full use of it..

We were jobless as usual.. It all started with a piece of paper which caught my attention.. I shaped it into a rocket and before we knew it,we were flyin rockets..

The game shifted to “catch-catch” and finally “book cricket”..

The umpire of the game being a close friend whispered in my ear when it was my turn to bat “don’t worry girl..ill make sure u don’t get run out or bowled” and we grinned wickedly at each other..

The game was fun even though my team lost I felt like a winner because I finally was in a group.. was accepted with all my flaws.. and more than anything else.. I could just hang loose and be who I am..

The games we played through the year.. made me realize that we were still little kids inside.. we have grown physically but mentally we’re all just a bunch of 12 year olds having a whale of a time..

Being the disgusting foodaholic I am.. I visit my college canteen at least once a day… Now our college canteen would resemble a railway station.. people pushin and pullin with platters of amazing food...

My gang and I plop onto empty chairs and sit in a circle and the eating fest begins.. We order a zillion dishes,which gets finished in a matter of seconds..

The sight of us eating is not pretty.. Hands all over the place plucking parathas or a clatter of spoons in the sambhar sadam.. We closely resemble pigs in a sty.. After the food is done with we march back to class.. A trechorous 4 staircases up is our classroom..

With bellies drooping to the ground and burping loudly and panting and puffing.. We finally make it to our class.. And we plop onto our wooden benches with relief..

Now id like to move on to our dear profs without whom our college life would be incomplete..

Any prof walking into our class would stand open mouthed.. the class would always be in complete chaos.. People screamin,laughin loudy,talking on their mobile phones etc..

My personal favourite is my English prof.. the minute she comes to class..i pop up like a spring and start reading the lesson she had in mind to lecture us on for the day.. She is a
rolly polly adorable woman who grants our every wish.. free classes and having little naps is what we do most of the time in her class..

And as they say there is always a dark side to the moon.. we have some horrible spinsters who handle classes for us as well.. The less spoken about them the better..

College life as a whole can be described in 1 sentence.. The best days of any individual’s life.. relish it.. drink in every minute of it.. because it does’nt last long..

I’m sad that my 1st year got over so soon.. Time has flown so fast.. it seems like just yesterday I wrote my entrance exam for the Electronic Media course..


Arun Das said...

Sounds just like my first year in coll(Except the canteen food). The big difference between school and coll is the whole clique and group thing. When I was in school everyone in class was my friend. College is more like adult like quasi society where you dont have to be friends with everyone and you arent forced to mix with everyone. It's just like the detachment between the classes of a society.

Bhu said...

i came across ur blog while searching for qwikys n it turned to be an interesting read. i am posting a comment on tis cos thats exactly the way my friends and i eat till day whenever we get to hang out!
cheers girl! keep blogging!!!

XAVI said...

i like your concept

sowmya said...

Gayu... I was reading your swimming pool post and decide to look for your very first post, but I came across this. Must be amazing to look back and read something you felt years ago!!

Gayatri said...

LOL 😝 I sound like such a retard! March 14th 2006 👆 God! We're old 😂