Sunday, October 14, 2007


I felt like Hilary Swank today, from The Next Karate Kid. I had hit gym after 3 whole days. So my stamina was down. I could gym only for 1 hour, ran only for 10 minutes and i didn't have the energy to lift weights. But still, that 1 hour workout, was a killer workout.

I could feel the blood flowing through every vein in my body with enthusiasm and speed. My hands kept balling up into fists each time a random ogler drooled. It was a trippy feeling. I was angry, focused, happy and full of energy.

I drove like a maniac today, almost killed 2-3 fellow bikes and some stupid pedestrians who have no road sense. More on the pedestrians, these people really deserve to die!! Why cant they just look to the left and the right of the road before they decide to run across. And just when they see a biker why do they have to run across? Do they get some evil satisfaction by doing dumb ass things like that? Today i was merciless. I purposely went close to a few pedestrians just to shake them up a little. They yelled abuses, i yelled back even worse abuses.

I reached back home in one piece, and i could think only of Mr. Miyagi and his wax on, wax off drill. All i wanted to do was punch something real hard for 20 mins just to break some steam.

And thanks to dad, i did wax on, wax off in the kitchen, courtesy the mess he had left behind in his morning rush.

But seriously, i would make a decent boxer if i tried. Maybe i should give it a whirl. I don't think i will be this fit ever again in my entire life. So why not make the most of right now. Besides, there are a few jaws i want to break, so the boxing would definitely come in handy.


Oxymoron said...

Ohhhh, what wouldnt I give for such a work out!! I miss my aerobics classes back in Chennai, gruelling, torturous, exhilarating! I am a totally afternoon person, but used to wake up at 5.30 in the morning aerobexercise! You've got me all fired up for exercise now!

Chriz said...

whats happening.. you have indeed lost weight.. way to go.. someone is getting married i guess..