Saturday, October 27, 2007

Second chances..

Movie : Hitch
Scene : The night after Albert and Allegra's first date, the conversation between Hitch and Albert

H : She's probably thinking about you and her as an item, but she wont let you in on it.
A : Oh, so its not a big deal then
H : It's a VERY big deal Albert!! One kiss, one dance, one date, that's all we get from being "oh some guy i did something with" to a happily ever after ending.

I feel like Albert now. In the words of Chris "I yam yinnocent", but I'm also very stupid. I think Ive blown my one chance, and now I'll never know what could have happened between us.

One stupid crazy impulsive goof up, and poof he's gone. Why do we get only ONE chance? It's not fair.

When i think about the conversation i had with him not too long back which went in the lines of,
Him : I'm very fond of you, we're excellent friends now. So lets thread this path carefully. If i let anyone get to that very last circle and she breaks my heart, ill be shattered

To that right there, I should have said. "I'm scared too. But THIS right here is OUR time. This is OUR chance, lets take it! I like you, I like you a LOT, and i promise i will not let you down"

*looks up at God* Give me another chance sir. I think i deserve it.

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