Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain Gods and Exam Highs..

The rain gods have found a new victim.. ME.

Day 1
Light drizzle. I run out to get the clothes stand in, thankfully it stops. So the stand remains untouched.

Day 2
Light drizzle. I run out to get the clothes stand in. It begins to pour, torrentially. My steps quicken, i drag in the clothes as fast as my fingers allow me to. I heave in relief when every piece of clothing is indoors. I look outside and the rain has stopped.

Day 3, Today
I drive to college for my end semester exams. It begins to pour. So i pull over on the side of the road, take out embarrassing Winnie and throw him on. The minute i begin to ride again, the rain stops.

Message to Rain gods : Go pick on someone your size. Hrmph.

On to Exam highs. Exam highs are the state of not knowing jack shit or bullshit about what the subject is, but still having the balls to stand outside the exam hall and giggle like fools and comment on how much weight has been lost by person A, person B and person ME *yaay yaay*. After the examiner walks in, continue grinning like a fool.

By the time the question paper comes to you, you're so overjoyed just to be back in college after so many days that you forget the seriousness of the paper. You forget that THIS is your end semester paper and could potentially bite you in the ass, if you don't do well.

After 3 hours of scribbling, you walk outside to be greeted by your friend who asks "What the fuck is wrong with you? Wipe that silly grin off your face. This paper was horrible"

You continue grinning, hug a few more friends who you've missed like crazy during the excruciatingly boring study holidays and walk away.

Whats this life for, if not for exams highs and rain gods who have field days making our lives miserable. Suck it up and continue grinning, because grinning is A-Okay. *grin grin* :D


Chriz said...

i exactly understand the intensity of your scrap../ hehehe

Anonymous said...

yaar, so true..
i was able to relate to this.. too gud.
but i was wondering , y does this stupid col keeps sem exam during this time.. every time i take d book to read, i land up sleeping coz of d weather... it gets hard to get up early in d morning too...
it would be fun, if v just have 2 roll inside our bedsheets n sleep d hole day... without worrying about any dam exam...

Mark IV said...

hey long time...
i wouldnt be with you 100% on the exam high part.. my memory of exams and college is full of studying on the footpath outside a tea shop through the night before the exam, listening (literally) to someone 'speak' at least one fourth of the paper a half hour before going into the hall, and a standard 'University screwed us' discussion after every paper....

stocknuke said...

Try flipping a coin the next time u step out ! u only need a max of 5 bucks to own a coin and to learn the sides and call !

isnt it ironical that the same people who love the rains so much also are the ones who curse their luck getting caught in the rain..

cud not hv described the examination foolhardiness better myself.. Half the times i went in for a chemistry paper thinking it was physics myself only to later find out tht my scores had no bearing to the examination i had worked for.. murphy works for every1 i guess !

Oxymoron said...

*Giggle giggle* *comment comment* *guffaw guffaw*-->us outside the exam hall
*icy cold stare icy cold stare* -->thats our examiner

I miss my undergrad days..:(

Sai said...

Haha reg the rain part, Heard of unggllle Murphy & his wonderful laws? :D