Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am the BIGGEST fan of this movie. It has dealt with the concept of falling in love in such a comical yet a somewhat realistic angle. Right from the first dialogue of the movie till the last is an absolute treat for the ears. They're witty, smart, humorous and full of oomph.

I have seen this movie more than a million times, and i have NEVER ever got bored of watching it. And every single time i watch it, i get completely involved with the characters, just like i did, the very first time i saw it, which was in the year 2005 at Mayajaal. I feel their pain, i feel their loss, and i feel their love, their joys. I don't feel like a third person whilst watching this flick. Yes yes, i know, that is the case with most movies we watch anyway. BUT, this one's different.

At the end of the 118 minutes, i always ALWAYS wish that there REALLY was a Date Doctor. Sigh.

When you like someone, and you just KNOW that he is going to be the ONE, but you cant really do shit about it, that feeling right there, that feeling of absolute helplessness... Now that's life. You cant always have what you want.

*munches on chocolate for comfort and 2 minute feeling of unnatural elation*


Chriz said...

me too big fan of this.. every guy shud see this.. if not for govinda and salman screwing the movie with their own version, this wud not have lost its sanity

blaZinG_DraGoOnuS said...

yeah dudette...seriously wish there were a Date Doctor... :{

farustar said...

brill movie!