Thursday, October 25, 2007

The shriek of a woman..

Picture this : An exam hall. 40 odd women scribbling away. You can hear a dragonfly farting if you listen closely.

A shrill shriek pierces through the air. It drills a mini well in your eardrum. You drop your pen and look around you. Mayhem would be an understatement. Women jumping on top of their benches. Some just running helter skelter.

The examiner walks up to the shrieker and asks her what the deal is. "Ma'am, Spider" she retorts.

All that for a spider? Really? Snap out of it woman!! Think Spider man. Think superpowers. You JUST might have gotten lucky. JUST!!

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Oxymoron said...

In the middle of a lecture, we(the girls!) would start turning banshees, "lizard"! We would run helter skelter, lift our bags in pure panic while our brave and puny prof would hunt for the reptile..until one day, he figured out our little skit and absolutely refused to help..hehe!!