Monday, October 22, 2007


A shoe designer, whose business is down in the dumps. He's going through a huge financial crisis, the world is laughing their ass off at his expense and to add fuel to the fire, his dad kicks the bucket. As the only son, he must travel to their small hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend his father's memorial. On the flight to Kentucky, he meets a flight attendant.

Now this lady is downright out of her mind, she's 100% MAD, and I could absolutely relate to that. She falls in love with this man and somehow helps him get through the rough patch he is going through.

To find love in the most strangest of places, and with the most unexpected of people, now THAT is truly a miracle.

The whole father-son relationship and strangers falling in love thing was shown so beautifully in this flick. I did tear a little every now and then of course.

Bottom Line : Its a must watch flick for all the hopeless romantics.


Chriz said...

hey you r turning into one critic review artist.. ill add my favorite ten movies in my next post...

stocknuke said...

well the best sequence of the movie was the Freebird. i missed watching most part of the movie every next time but yet woke up just in time to make the freebird song and again to turn off the dvd player..

oh yeah my DVD does hv a remote with a forward button and so it must make sense to get to the freebird part every time i choose to play this one!

acid_ice said...

Oh c'mon, its not mindless mush for hopeless romantics. I thought the most interesting thing about the movie was the way the protagonist is transformed, esp. during the road-trip he takes back to home after the funeral. You can almost see him letting go of a lot of mental blocks, n seeing the world differently.. Love the scene where he's waving his hands out of the car's window..