Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some obvious truths of life..

Some obvious in your face truths of life, which we refuse to see, which we deny, which we want to believe does not exist.

1. If things are meant to happen, they will. Simple. You cant force it, you cant accelerate or decelerate the force at which it happens or does not happen.

2. If things don't happen the way you pictured them to be in your head, then just forget it and move on. There is no point staying stuck at that one point, because that would be a complete waste of your time and energy. Besides, there must be something much better out there for you. So thank the good lord that it DID NT happen.

3. All men are pigs. Not figuratively, but literally. They have no sense of hygiene. They mess up sparkling clean kitchens, sparkling clean table tops and they don't realise the whirlwind of muck they've left behind. Women are god's gifts to men, because we clean up after them. We ensure they don't catch any diseases, because we provide them with a clean environment.

4. All women have mood swings, and i blame it on the "curse of womanhood". Why god why, did you give it to us for those few days every month. Dammit. Grr.

5. Every dog has his day. We're good people, and eventually good things will happen to us. So, maybe we have to wade through a lot of bull shit and horse shit, but at the end of that shitty journey, we WILL get exactly what we wanted our whole life. And at point in our life, we will smile to ourselves, look back at our past mistakes/immaturity, look up at the sky, smirk at God and whisper "YOU dog you"


Oxymoron said...

How old are you gayatri? 19, 20?! You've learnt some really mature stuff early on in life, take it from me, will keep you from mucking and screwing up a lot of things in life! I think this Nirvana dawned on me when I!! haha! Hurrah for balanced individuals (and those in the journey!)

Oxymoron said...

And oh, btw, I do know some men who are cleaner than women! Ok, one man..hehe!!

stocknuke said...

The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, "It's a girl." .. I wud buy tht a decade ago!

To liberate women from that established cult wherein the man endures pain as an undeserved punishment whereas the woman accepts it as a natural heritage i found that this article written by u falls over the ridge of that movement which never called for being anti-man to be a pro-woman to begin with.

Alok said...

1. I kinda agree, but do not like the tone.

2. Again, do I see pessimism here?

3. I know I am a pig. :P

4. Men have testosterone swings too. Just look at a man watching his favourite sport on TV.

5. We have to Make good things happen to us.