Monday, October 08, 2007

3DS Max..

I have had the most gruelling 48 hours of my life, i have been completely mind fucked, tensed and worried to death. All thanks to this screw all software called 3DS Max which refused to get installed from two friend's CDS AND a whole night of download.

And to top it all, i had a BIG submission due today on 3DS. 80% of my work was complete. I just had to render my environments. And I'd heard horror stories of rendering from the gang and classmates. Apparently, rendering took 3-4 hours and in some cases, as long as 16 whole hours!!

And to top all this, mommy had left for Trivandrum yesterday. So coming back home to a mommy less house, was very depressing. The life source of the house had been sucked out. The walls looked accusingly at dad and me, asking us where their bosswoman was.

Sleeping peacefully at night was out of the question. I just kept tossing and turning. So, i called my agony aunt and spilled my guts out to her at 12am. We chatted up till 2, about why we had such a lousy animation teacher, the nauseatingly talented anime geniuses in class and the BIG submission.

Call me a nerd now, because i think I'm the only human being on the face of the planet who has had a sleepless night over an almost done submission. I got up in the morning with the first ring of my phone's alarm, rushed to college, blocked two computers and kept rendering my environments.

Finally, i was one of the first few in class to submit the BIG assignment. I handed over the CD and walked out. For the first few seconds there was a feeling of pure undiluted peace and relaxation. A bottle of overly sweetened lime juice and some friendly banter later, i was in my zone again. Crazy "i have to finish my submission right NOW or my head will explode me" had officially left the building.

And right now, sitting at home, in front of my PC and typing this post, that crazy tensed, anxious feeling is back. And i have no clue why. My head feels all knotted up. This right here, this feeling is a hangover. And ladies and gentlemen, alcohol didnt play a role. Mind fucked. Repeat after me, mind fucked. I need to catch a shrink, and soon. I'm going crazy.


Chriz said...

hehe... where are your beautiful posts on people.. do not pour out your emotions.. I am waiting to read a post like your previous post..

JollyRoger said...

Hmmm, i thot my dad was bad!!! Chk my blog.

Oxymoron said...

You just transported me back to my brother's final year days(VisCom, Loyola). Crazy is an understatement to the atmosphere that used to be! And that line "For the first few seconds there was a feeling of pure undiluted peace and relaxation" was EXACTLY how he used to describe it! All the best moviemaker!

sirpy said...

"The walls looked accusingly at dad and me, asking where their bosswoman was.".. LOL.. What did your Dad reply...? :)

Alok said...

I tried my hands at 3DSMax 6 when I was in my 11th class, I learnt a lot, but I'm not an artist, and that proved to be a block.

But 3D graphics have influenced me a lot, I'm aiming towards a job related to this field in someway.